The Value of Bitcoin

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Bitcoin was firstly created in 2009. It is designed to produce 21 million of BTC up to 2024. Until now, more than a half of the total BTC have been gotten. Why are many people interested in this digital currency? It is because this digital currency has value. Even though the value is not stable, it is predicted to be able to get profit if you use it rightly. Anyway, it still becomes the most valuable virtual currencies today.

Why Is It Valuable?

This digital currency is not a real currency. It is not legalized by any country. However, it functions like real currency. That is why Bitcoin is valuable. You can use it to make transactions such as transferring money, receiving money, and savings. It can also be exchanged with any currency from different countries. However, Bitcoin value is not stable. It can be higher or lower at the same day. So, you have to monitor the price before you decide to get it.

What Affects the Price?

The price of Bitcoin always changes. You cannot predict the price because it can be higher or lower so fast. So, what affects the Bitcoin price? It is affected by the demands and supplies. Similar to the common trading, demands and supplies have an important role in affecting the price. The price will be higher when the demands are increase whereas when the demands are decreased the price will be lower. Besides that, the limited amount also affects the price.

Can Bitcoin Be Invaluable?

Every currency can be invaluable. There are many currencies that fail and not used anymore. Commonly it is caused by hyperinflation and it is impossible to happen to Bitcoin. However, there is always the risk of failure in relation to currency. For example, the technical failure, the politic issues, the currency competition, etc may cause currency invaluable. Anyway, there is no one who can guarantee the future of this digital currency.

There are many people who think that people who buy Bitcoin in the first have the higher benefits that those who buy it currently or later. It is not really right at all. Buying this digital currency is like making infestation. Buying it is the lower price will not always get higher benefits because it depends on how you use it. Anyway, this digital currency can give benefits and profits to anyone in anytime they buy it.

Description: Bitcoin is valuable because it is like the common currencies that can be used for transactions easily. The price may change every day and everyone has the risk of loss or profit.