How to Get Bitcoin for Free

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Nowadays, Bitcoin becomes a good idea for you who are interested in digital currency. It replaces gold as one of the most valuable goods. It is also very useful to make transactions including sending, receiving, and saving. The benefits offered make many people interested in it. However, there are still many people who do not know how to get it. Actually, this digital currency can be gotten easily. Even more, you can get it for free.

The Uses of Bitcoin

People use Bitcoin for many functions. One of the Bitcoin functions is for trading in the trading forum. In fact, it is very prospective and offers many benefits especially the low transaction fee. Besides that, this digital currency can also be exchanged to other currencies such as euro, yen, dollar, and other currencies over the world. You may also consider using this digital currency network for Forex trading. Another common use is as the saving service in form of wallet. It will functions like PayPal.

Register Bitcoin Address or Wallet

To get Bitcoin for free, you need to register first. The process of registering is easy. You just need to go to blockchain site first and then fulfill all the information needed. You should give the true information including your name. You should also create password and confirm Captcha. After you fulfill all the information, you can continue and finish the registering process. Then, you can log in your wallet or address you have made. Now you can use your account.

The Sites to Get Free Bitcoin

After you are registered and you have your own address or wallet of Bitcoin, you can look for free Bitcoin. You need to go to the sites that provide free BTC. There are many site ideas to visit. Nioctib, The Free Bitcoin, Virtual faucet, Srbitcoin, Raw Bitcoin, Canhasbitcoin, Freebtc4all, BTC Mine, The Bitcoin, Faucet BTC, Btc4u, and Greencoins offer free BTC every 30 minutes.

Besides that, there are also some sites that provide free BTC every an hour or 60 minutes. They are Bitcoins4me, Bitcoin Forest, Daily Free Bitcoin, Mmoclub, Redcoins, FreeBTCBay, MegaBitcoinfaucet, and Bitcoin43. And there are still many other sites that offer free BTC with different rules. Anyway, it is easy to get Bitcoin for free and you can get many benefits and profits. Hopefully this will be a good reference for you who are interested in this digital currency.

Description: Bitcoin can be gotten for free. Firstly, you need to register the address or wallet and then go to one of the sites that offer BTC for free.